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Twitch/Discord Emote commissions are OPEN!

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Please read before contacting me. Most of the questions you might have can be answered there.
Never send the payment yourself. I am the one sending invoices.

What to include in your message when contacting me about a commission:

  • Commission type
  • Coloration style and cropping (if applicable)
  • Reference pictures / description / important details about your commission
  • A statement that you have read and agreed my Terms and Conditions

You can contact me here , or email me at [email protected] Please include all the information above within your request.
If the information above is not present within your request, it may be ignored.

All prices are in $USD

Twitch Emotes & Badges

I do Twitch emotes and sub badges! See my Emotes & Badges commission info.

I do not make commercial logos, panels, overlays or banners.

Watercolor OR Soft-Shaded

  • 2 Pokémon = $30.00
  • 3 Pokémon = $35.00




Fully Painted

  • 2 Pokémon = $65.00
  • 3 Pokémon = $70.00

Fully painted fusions include a simple rendered background as shown in the examples below.

This category is for official Pokémon + Pokémon only. Every additional Pokémon is +$5.00, for a maximum of 5 Pokémon per fusion. The background included is similar to the examples above, depending on the coloration style chosen. If you want something else or want additional versions without the background, just ask.

Final product: Full resolution non-watermarked and watermarked PNG version of your fusion. Digital version only.

Soft-Shaded only
Always full-body

  • 1 Character = $35.00+
  • Extra characters = +$30.00 each
You can add as many characters as you want!


A chibi version of the person/character/animal of your choice. If you want a portrait of someone you must provide a good picture as a reference (a selfie is good or anything that shows a decent amount of details), the same goes for pets. You are more than welcome to choose the outfit. Note that complex characters or accessories may be extra.

Watercolor OR Soft-Shaded

  • Headshot = $25.00+
  • Upper body = $40.00+
  • Full-body = $55.00+



Fully Painted

  • Headshot = $35.00+
  • Upper body = $50.00+
  • Full-body = $75.00+

Watercolor OR Soft-Shaded

  • Headshot = $20.00+
  • Upper body = $35.00+
  • Full-body = $50.00+



Fully Painted

  • Headshot = $30.00+
  • Upper body = $50.00+
  • Full-body = $65.00+

Soft-Shaded Only

  • Each = $50.00+ 

These include the upper-body of the character of your choice, a simple background and a name, mounted as a badge/card like shown in the examples. You may choose the colors of the frame and the background’s theme, or leave it to me!

Soft-Shaded only

  • 6 Pokémon = $150.00+
  • With Trainer = $190.00+

The + in the prices means that these are base prices and there might be extra fees added depending on the complexity (ex: complex character, armor, wings, weapons, accessories, detailed outfits, etc)

Final product: Full resolution non-watermarked PNG version of your character. Digital version only.

Flat color

  • Anthro on base* = $35.00+
    Includes: Front + Back + Side views, Headshot and Color palette
    Additional poses/items = Price on demand

*only applicable if the character is compatible to a degree with the base. Otherwise, see Unique Pose References below.

  • Unique pose (Anthro or Feral) = $50.00+
    Includes: Front + Back view, headshot and color palette
    Additional poses/items = Price on demand

Each = $25.00 / $35.00

Price varies with the complexity of the Pokémon (ex: Black Kyurem is far more complex than Jigglypuff).
You get to choose the mascot (must be an official Pokémon), the team name, and the main color.

Final product: Full resolution non-watermarked PNG version of your portrait/character. Digital version only.

Each = $15.00 / $25.00+

Black/White version = +$5.00

Pokémon or Animal only.
You can choose the pose as long as you are specific in what you want, or you can leave it to me.
Feel free to get your tribal commission as a tattoo afterward.

You can also choose between Black on White background or a White on a Black background (or both).

Final product: Full resolution non-watermarked PNG version of your design. Digital version only.

Most of the merchandise I offer (Shirts, mugs, bags, hoodies, etc) can be found in my online shops.
If there is a design I made that you did not find in my shop but would like send me a message and I will gladly add it!


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How it works

  • Contact me here or email me at [email protected] with a filled commission form (see the top of the page) so we can start talking about it. Make sure you have read my Terms & Conditions before you contact me.
  • Once your commission is paid for, it will be added to my queue and I will start working on sketches that will be sent to you for edits or approval.
  • When the sketches are approved, I will start working on the final versions of your commission. Only minor edits such as one color change are allowed past this point. No other edits are permitted once you approved your sketch so make sure you like everything before telling me to go ahead (see TOS.) Extra work past the sketch phase might be extra fees.
  • I will send you the full resolution files of your commission.